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    reborn silicone pregnant! && HI im new :)


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    reborn silicone pregnant! && HI im new :)

    Post  miickeyboo1103 on Sun Jul 07, 2013 7:06 pm

    hello guys!! my name is Liz and i have one reborn shes a girl named Paige and is a libby scuplt. which i have had for 1 year and ive been into reborns for about 4 years ! i am reborn silicone pregnant with my first fullbody silicone baby boy. i am preggo because i recently lost my first real child. i was 2months and half pregnant and lost it. it sucks. and i always told my boyfriend ( of 5 years ) that if any was to happen i wouldnt want to try for a while. but he saw how depressed i was and is now helping me get our first silicone baby. he is VERY loving and supportive bout what i do. but to cut this short i was wondering if theres anyone on here whos about 17 or older with reborns or silicone. i just need more reborn mommy friends. thanks Smile

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