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    how i got into reborns



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    how i got into reborns

    Post  lindsaylovesreborns777 on Sun Dec 01, 2013 10:50 am

    I was looking on youtube for how to make a doll look real in your arms and @juliesreborns1 popped up.Naturally I clicked on it and I watched these videos and she said reborn baby dolls.I found a website called paradise galleries,I got a doll last Christmas.It was a sleepy frog doll.On fathers day I ordered a happy teddy doll.I am getting the hoot hoot preemie boy doll and I am having him on a sunday.He is a Christmas baby and measures 16 inches.Follow my youtube channel lindsay green.Search demi and i should pop up.santa rendeer rendeer rendeer rendeer rendeer rendeer rendeer rendeer 

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