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    How I got into reborns


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    How I got into reborns

    Post  rebornJace'smommy on Mon Dec 16, 2013 9:33 am

    Hello! I'm Katelyn Smile
    How I got into reborns is, I lost my brother in February 2012 and I wanted something that looked like him when he was a baby. (he was 27 years old but we were so close, I had to have something like him). A lot of my councilors told me about these reborns. I already ahd an idea of what they were. I watch rebornprincess53 and Juliesreborns1 and SillyConeBaby all of the time. (Sounds creepy but I do). I got Jace Brian on Tuesday the 10th :)I knew right then and there that I was in love with reborns! You don't really know if you'll love your reborn until you see him/her in real life, face to face! Now, my heart aches when I have to leave my little preemie home with my mom while I go to work or school :(But he has his little toys and his bottle and paci and he's all set! (for now at least haha)  I love you

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    How do i get into reborns

    Post  REBORNS85 on Mon Dec 30, 2013 10:42 am

    What i would say is that you can either go on ebay and look up reborns and they show a whole bunch of reborns.Or you can go on youtube and sometimes people sell them on there.Both sites are good to fgo to when looking for reborns i hoped i helped out a lot to you have a great day!

     I love you Laughing 

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    reborn wild!

    Post  rebornwild50 on Wed Sep 17, 2014 11:42 am

    hi! im caiden!

    i got into reborns when my friend (shannon de jager ) was handing out pamplets of her aunt ( at sweetie pie babies ). i then found one lying on the floor so i picked it up and i had already liked reborns before so i was happy about it and her aunt was having a day where you could go and see\buy a baby reborn so my grandma took me without my parents knowing and arrived at her house. one of the reborns caught my eye her name was shaylee so we bought her and was SO happy! and now i am a reborn collector but only have been for a year Very Happy i now have four reborns.

    shannon de jager is one of the worlds best doll collectors look her up and there is even a video of her and her reborns flower

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    Re: How I got into reborns

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