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    Post  Elandesse on Thu Apr 30, 2015 5:41 pm

    I hate these 'newbie' posts - I'm a bit of a rambler and never know what to write, but here goes!
    I'm a 40-something mum of four (aged 20 through to 28) and grandma of 2 (my grandbabies call me 'Nonna'). I've been married - very happily - for nearly 21 years, and our family lives in the sunny (!) south of England. I consider myself a creative person - I knit, draw, write, create scrapbook albums and memory boxes/albums (patchworkapples) and I also make beaded jewellery.
    I had my first reborn over ten years ago, named her "Emmy" and gave her to my mum to look after, as my cats were over-fond of my little vinyl baby and tried to sleep with her all the time!
    In December 2014, my beloved Dad passed away unexpectedly (at just 69 years of age) and I found myself drowning in a pit of depression, sadness and anxiety. Then, only last week, I remembered Emmy and how relaxed and content I would feel when holding her... and I decided to delve, once again, into the world of reborns. I have a special delivery coming on the ninth of May, and am also in negotiations with an artist to have a special delivery for another reborn very soon.
    I understand how some people (my daughters especially!) find the idea of reborns a bit creepy - but (as I mentioned), I find them very comforting - and a lot better for my health than becoming dependant on alcohol (cheaper too!) lol
    I've never role-played with any reborns... I just like to hold them and marvel at the artistry involved in the creating of these tiny life-like dolls.

    I would like to learn how to paint and create my own reborns... though I will definitely have to give up some of my other creative outlets, as space in my craft room is at an absolute minimum right now!

    I guess the other most important things about me is that I love the Christmas Season, and love a good natter with people (I am very nosey!).

    That's about it!
    If you've gotten this far - then thanks for reading - I'll stop now Smile

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