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    Post  Mickeysmommy48 on Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:06 pm

    Hey guys i just wanted to let every one know i am reborn pregnant and expecting within the next month or sooner i am having a girl her name is Tarvos Rose and i dont have any newborn/ 0-3 month girl clothing and i dont have a girl diaper bag and i would love to get a new diaper bag because my other one broke and any bottles or passi would be helpfull as well i love all of my friends on youtube and here on the wild4reborn fourm that i wanted to invite you to my online baby shower and i did also want to say that if you did send me anything i will be making a big babyshower video when i get everything and post it on youtube i did also want to give you my mailing address and i will do so if you PM me either here or on youtube

    my youtube name is

    i do hope you will accept my invitation to be a part of my babyshower Razz Laughing I love you

    love and respect


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