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    My long story of how I got into reborning


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    My long story of how I got into reborning

    Post  edenslittleones on Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:41 pm

    I first encountered a reborn when I was about 11 or 12 years old. A friend of my mom collected dolls. She had a few dolls that might have been reborns, though I didn’t know they were called that and she never called them that. She had one little baby boy that looked so real. I loved him & carried him around every time we went to her house, up until I had my first baby.
    About 5 years ago, I lost a baby boy at 4 months along and now I can't have any more children for medical reasons. I was devastated, I was so looking forward to meeting my baby and already loved him very much. The worse part of the pain was the empty arms, so after a few weeks I remembered my mom's friend's baby boy doll and decided to look for one that would look like my baby boy would have. I searched and searched, but didn't find any that looked real. Then, finally, one day on ebay I came across another doll that looked real. I saw that it was called a “reborn.” I was totally captivated & began searching for more reborns.
    I wanted one of these reborn dolls. I wanted to make them for myself (in memory of my baby boy)& to make them for others. So I starting researching how reborns are made, techniques, materials – everything I could find. I studied for a long time & then decided I was ready. I placed a few very expensive & large orders online, went to the craft store for other items, & made a workspace for creating these sweet babies.
    Then came the waiting, which was the hard part. My fingers longed for the vinyl, the blank figure, so I could create these precious babies. The materials came, then the first sculpt finally arrived, & I began right away.
    In January of 2009, I made my first reborn for my youngest daughter & have been reborning babies ever since. Joy and satifaction is found in the process of creating each baby & I love every minute of it.
    The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful gift in giving me this talent – I thank Him for it every day!

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