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    How I got into reborns



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    How I got into reborns

    Post  cinsangel0309 on Fri Oct 12, 2012 11:30 am

    Hi I would like to tell you all how I got into reborns which is a little long. In October 24th, 2009 my oldest daughter Twyla Dawn came to tell me she thought she was pregnant we bought a pregnancy test and sure enough she was. I have to explain a little I'am a Fraternal twin girl/boy my twin brother passed away in Dec. of 1989. I also had a set of fraternal twins girl/boy name Rosey and Joey born in Feb. of 1994 they're now 18 years old now. We she had her first ob/gyn appointment I ask them right away to do an ultra sound cause I had a feeling she was pregnant with twins and sure enough again she was. Twyla is O negative blood and right from the start started having problems with the pregnancy, they never gave her a rhogam shot like she should have from the start so she would reject her fetuses. In March 9th. 2010 after her being in and out of the hospital she lost the lil boy twin and his name was Austyn Tyler. For the remainer of the pregnancy she was bed ridden so she would loss my Grand-daughter Alucia Caelyn. I was so grief stricken from the loss of the one baby I spent my time on line trying to distract myself from all that had happened and that's when I came across reborns on ebay and fell in love and bought my first baby. I loved the baby so much I decided to by my first kit and reborned her myself which was a Hannah sculpt by Joamma Gomes and named her Twyla because I did her as a portrait baby look alike. And now I've reborned more then 25 babies since June of 2011 and sold babies on ebay and to family and friends.

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