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    What I thought when I first Heard about Reborns <3


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    What I thought when I first Heard about Reborns <3

    Post  NatalyeNicole on Sat Jan 26, 2013 1:04 am

    When I first heard about reborn's it was for my sister Christmas present. My first idea of them was " There cute but there a baby doll and were way to old for them" In the past I used to collect Monster High dolls but stopped due to there high prices. When My sister got her reborn for Christmas I was amazed by how real he looked. I feel in love with the idea of them. My mom showed me one she had made of me in 2007. It was so life like that I knew I would have to have my own . I asked and I found the cutest baby. His name was Adam. How convient? That was the name of a family member I got his middle name Julius from another family member. I love A.J ( that's his nick name) and am hoping for a lot of more reborns in the future. How did you get into reborns?

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